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Wireless Data

Wireless communications for container terminals

The key to effective container terminal operations and management is communication.

Making sure that information is available when it is required and in a format that is clearly understood. We understand this and not only provide the technology but take the time to understand your operation and provide a solution for your terminals needs.

Most mobile systems utilise wireless data communication in one form or another. Our systems such as G-POS and E-SMART were developed to utilise a range of common wireless data infrastructures.

We are able to provide the right technical solution for your terminals circumstances, for example a narrow band solution operating in the 380-480 MHz frequency band could be implemented or your existing terminal-wide WiFi backbone could be utilised.

Our narrow band data communication system can be installed as a standalone system providing a low cost, minimal infrastructure wireless data communication system for the terminal. Due to the robustness of the data link and excellent data propagation our solution has been implemented on many terminals.

Our systems are ideal for terminals where a 380-480 MHz dedicated frequency user license is available. The transmission range can easily cover the largest terminal, including difficult RF environments such as between container stacks, or in empty container areas where Container Handling Equipment such as Reach Stackers and Front Loaders are operated in high and deep stacking areas.

The system is based on our Radio Network Server (RNS) middleware component that runs on a standard desktop PC. This connects to all the mobile units via a single transmitter and does not require any distributed access points,repeaters or any other infrastructure.

We have connected to various Terminal Operating Systems (TOS) and using our extended middleware components can connect to security systems, maintenance reporting systems, and many other systems. The RNS interface to the TOS is implemented to suit your requirements. This could be via serial data, TCP/IP connection or XML interface.

The mobile equipment can be provided with a variety of mobile formats, running on a Microsoft Windows embedded operating system to allow customisable mobile user interfaces.

What is presented to the mobile user is the result of years of input from terminal operators. Yard handling requires an easy to understand interface with minimal operator key strokes, or better still fully automated. Our touch screen interfaces provide this simplicity, with full functionality to support the operational requirements.

The Ship to Shore interface option for vessel load and discharge has full flexibility with features such as load and discharge lists, twin lift tools, berthing and chassis loading settings.

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