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Trailer Positioning System

Quayside efficiency

Save time

Various studies and reports have concluded that the greatest potential for improving container crane performance lies in reducing the time it takes in container positioning.

In fact some have concluded that as much as half of a crane's cycle time is spent - or wasted - on load positioning.

Well known features such as high hoist and trolley speeds, and anti-sway systems have become standard features on most Ship-to-Shore (STS) cranes, and all have their place in optimising the cycle times.

However, substantial reductions in non-productive cycle time with a low cost investment can be gain with the implementation of the ITS Trailer Positioning System.


The ITS Trailer Positioning System is a simple, rapid and effective method of positioning single and multiple trailers for truck and crane transactions.

It has been proven in the working terminal environment and provides a strategic advantage by consistently positioning the truck at the right place at the right time, before the spreader arrives. It prevents time wasting through shuffling the truck whilst the STS crane operator waits for the correct trailer alignment.

It provides a simple to use and inexpensive solution to the problem of container and trailer positioning. No intervention from the crane or truck driver is required and the system is self-starting from power on.

Key operational benefits

Further Information

Click here for a Trailer Positioning System datasheet… or simply contact us with your requirements.

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