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What is G-POS?

G-POS is a Real Time Location System (RTLS) incorporating GPS technology.

It is embedded unobtrusively into any type of Container Handling Equipment (CHE), be it a Rubber Tyred Gantry crane (RTG), Transtainer, Rail Mounted Gantry crane (RMG), Straddle Carrier, Reach Stacker, Empty Handler or Tractor Unit, G-POS will automatically track of every piece of mobile equipment on site.

G-POS automatically monitors the storage and retrieval locations for every container handled on the terminal. It is a flexible solution and can be configured to meet the specific operational needs of any terminal with various additional modules and options.

How will G-POS help my terminal operations?

G-POS helps the CHE operators by reducing/removing the need to constantly enter data in order to keep the Terminal Operating System (TOS) up to date. It provides clear and concise guidance to the CHE operator to help him efficiently perform the task of moving, storing and retrieving containers.

With G-POS, automated, real-time, error free data is a reality. This allows the TOS to have a live accurate database and make the optimal storage and retrieval decisions and optimise equipment utilisation.

The elimination of data entry errors and failures to manually update positions is a pre-requisite for the reduction and elimination of many common container terminal issues.


A fully integrated real time location system for container terminals

Real Operational Benefit

Improved Resource Utilisation

As well as assisting the CHE operators in their daily work, G-POS provides real-time visibility of the operation to allow the efficient deployment of the terminal resources and not waste valuable resource hunting misplaced containers or re-handling containers not correctly placed.

Position Accuracy and Visibility

G-POS monitors the 3 axis of the spreader in real time and is able to calculate it’s exact location in terms of the container stacking co-ordinates. The system is based on multiple sensors including RTK (Real Time Kinematic) carrier phase Differential GPS (DGPS). This provides G-POS with the right balance for a cost effective solution with reliability and full upgrade capability. G-POS is fully integrated with your existing infrastructure and systems in a way that provide high levels of transparent automation and user friendliness.

The G-POS Advantage

G-POS ease of use

The G-POS system is designed to offer flexible connectivity, a customisable configuration and provides the optimal interface for the equipment operator.

G-POS touch screen option

Based on a full colour touch screen monitor the system is designed to operate as a keyless operation allowing the operator to move containers without constantly having the disruption of entering data or confirming positions.

Working in synergy with the TOS in real-time G-POS shows the CHE operator the equipment's present location, the container move instruction (or work queue) and pick and place locations, all in clear and easy to see text or graphical map formats, and in a language your CHE operators understand.

Job Step screens (for straddle carrier operation) are clear and automatically change to the next step without input from the operator. The system also manages and displays twin 20' moves and, provides the operator with pre-advice of the container length for pick-up, allowing the spreader to be pre-set.

In poor weather the ability for G-POS to advise the driver of his current location is invaluable in circumstances where the ground slot markings are not visible.

Basic RDT terminals

If required G-POS can also be configured without a touch screen, and instead to connect directly to an existing Radio Data Terminal (RDT) mounted in the operators cab.

G-POS integration

The G-POS system is designed to offer connectivity flexibility.

Wireless connectivity

G-POS can be supplied to connect using WiFi LAN networks or Narrowband radio frequencies, some G-POS modules can also connect using GPRS.

If your site has limited or unreliable connectivity ITS can supply a dedicated stable and reliable Narrowband network.

TOS Synergies

The G-POS system is connected to many leading Terminal Operating Systems (TOS) with interfaces that are fully compatible and 100% TOS compliant using XML or other protocols.

The G-POS system helps you get the best out of your TOS with transparent data flow, high levels of data automation and operational optimisation.

Customisable flexibility

The G-POS system has multi connectivity capability with its middleware Message Routing System (MRS).

The middleware component allows G-POS to connect to many management and supervisory systems for security, maintenance and operational monitoring. The MRS also allows the differential GPS correction data to be transmitted directly to the CHE without the use of secondary radio frequencies.

G-POS modular flexibility and other options

G-POS is fully integrated into the terminals operations and has many customisable optional modules.

Display options

The G-POS system can be configured to use an existing RDT terminal or for greater functionality can be provided with a full colour touch screen.

D-MON Security

CHE mounted card readers connect to the G-POS server to monitor and authorise equipment operators. Ensure only trained authorised users drive the CHE.

V-TRAX Automatic Steering for RTGs

Automated gantry steering systems can be added to G-POS equipped RTG’s using the same G-POS hardware. A safer operational environment can be achieved for all.

Automatic Job Stepping

Terminals that use Navis SPARCs 3.x or N4 and use Straddle Carriers can benefit from fully automated Job Stepping - this feature automatically confirms to SPARCs when steps are complete and requests the next available work step. This eliminates the manual Job Stepping process that could be entered too early, late or not at all.

Move compliance

G-POS can be installed with a move compliance module to ensure the container picked up is the correct one. G-POS can also be configured to allow the container to only be placed in the planned location.

Truck Identification

TRUCK-ID is an automatic truck identification system incorporating RFID technology.

Exclusion Zones

Exclusion zones can be set up to ensure the equipment is prevented from travelling in to a danger area. This could be in an area where inadequate height clearance exists under STS cranes or other yard areas.


We know that Ports and Terminals are a heavy industrial environment where technology must be implemented to survive the environment. G-POS is designed specifically for this environment and boasts some of the highest equipment availability figures available within the industry.

G-POS is a highly customisable solution, and already has many useful functions and options that are real operational time savers with tangible benefits to the terminal operator.

But don’t just take our word for it:

Proven track record

“We wanted to select a vendor that not only understood our needs but also had a proven track record in the industry. We chose International Terminal Solutions as they met our requirements and were able to offer a host of operational benefits that hadn’t originally featured in our plans.”

Gareth Jones, Planning and Operations Manager Mersey Docks and Harbour Company

Tangible benefits from day one

“The first phase of implementation saw G-POS applied to the road interchange and has assisted in providing benefits which equate to a 22% increase in available stacking area and productivity enhancements of up to 20%. The benefits of the investments have been realised immediately from 'go-live' and have helped the terminal to a 30% improvement in vehicle turnaround times.”

David Huck, Head of Port Operations for Peel Ports Mersey

Improved Customer Service

“The implementation of the new systems took place without even a temporary dip in performance. In fact the Port has already seen improvements in productivity in line with our expectations, Liverpool is now recording the fastest turnaround times of any UK port, with 95% of truck drivers processed through the Port within an hour, and 65% within 30 minutes”

David Huck, Head of Port Operations for Peel Ports Mersey

Further Information

Click here for a G-POS datasheet. Click here to see how G-POS was implemented at the Port of Liverpool.

Click here to see the case study we presented at the Terminal Operators Conference.

Or simply contact us with your requirements.

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