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Asset management for container terminals

What is E-SMART?

E-SMART is a management tool providing an instant visualisation of the plant and equipment operated in your business.

It alerts your operatives to quickly identify breakdowns and unplanned maintenance requirements allowing you to take immediate remedial action. It provides the operational status of the equipment across departments to key personnel in a clear format.

New features in E-SMART also includes planned maintenance, minor fault monitoring and general status information. E-SMART also provides KPI data to allow the equipment operational availability and reliability to be assessed with various statistics.

Why change?

Many organisations manage their equipment assets on spreadsheets, or by manual means such as white boards, paper or alike, and many utilise legacy systems. In most cases the methods used lack visibility across the organisation, with many systems or methods operating in isolation or without flexibility to easily share key data across the operation. E-SMART can interface to your legacy system to provide full visibility whilst maintaining your other systems if required.

Real operational benefit

E-SMART has been developed with the direct input of container terminal operations and engineering staff, and has been installed in several ports to manage their operation critical assets such as Straddle Carriers, Top Picks, Side Loaders, Reach Stackers, RMG cranes, RTG cranes, Ship to Shore cranes, Trucks...

E-SMART has many connectivity building blocks available. The blocks allow you to implement an ultra-low cost system with low risk, with the ability to progressively expand the system to meet your evolving/expanding business needs.

Information sharing

E-SMART has a simple set up process taking just a few hours. The E-SMART server software application can operate in a stand-alone format or connected to other nodes. In the stand-alone format it can be used by your maintenance function to log equipment faults, mark equipment out of service, plan maintenance and collect KPI information.

E-SMART can be cost effectively expanded across your organisation with viewer licences to make equipment and plant information immediately visible across your organisation. From day one you gain the immediate benefit of equipment status visibility across the organisation and the provision of KPI information.

Practical, useful tools

E-SMART is used by the maintenance team to alert them of equipment faults. It allows them to automatically keep the management team informed of the status, and reports the equipment as operational again once repaired.

The maintenance supervisor can instantly see the status of all the equipment in real-time using simple clear icons. The yard location can also be displayed allowing the rapid dispatch of a repair crew. Simply by clicking on the icon the supervisor can see the detailed history and status of the equipment. The status of the equipment can be easily altered or scheduled for planned maintenance. The Maintenance team can also monitor fuel, scheduled maintenance as well as monitor and report on major and minor fault repairs.

Modular monitoring

At a glance key personnel can identify when equipment breaks down and its current status.

Main screen showing an overview of equipment: breakdowns, under repair, ready to operate, minor faults, fuel and planned maintenance status.

Minor fault reporting and visualisation

In addition to E-SMART showing the major fault status of the equipment minor faults are also indicated on the main visualisation screen. Minor fault reporting assists the operations department to identify equipment that can be operated (within the limitations of the minor faults) during times of high equipment demand, and also allow the maintenance department to record, report, and clear minor equipment faults.

Planned maintenance

The Maintenance supervisor can see at a glance items due and shortly becoming due for scheduled maintenance. Each individual item of equipment also has its own detailed screen and schedule of maintenance.

Tyre warnings

Tyre condition is critical to the safe operation of the equipment. E-SMART has a feature for the last inspection of the tyre to be noted and when the next inspection is due. Based on tyre age a warning will also be given when the tyres should be replaced.

Fuel consumption

E-SMART provides fuel levels and warnings to help the operation achieve a more efficient fuelling routine by not filling lightly used equipment unnecessarily and ensuring priority is given to equipment that needs it most.

General characteristics and calendar

For items of equipment that may be loaned or operated across different operations an assignment calendar is available showing the equipment's assignment and duration. E-SMART can also show general equipment characteristics such as type, lifting capacity, fuel capacity, equipment age, and other features.

Engineers notes

Engineers notes allows the engineers to pass on information to the next person working on an item of equipment and can be viewed by supervisors to assess the condition of the equipment and is particularly useful when longer term issues exist and information may well be forgotten or overlooked.

KPI data

Using the statistical analysis tools provided with E-SMART authorised users can analyse the operational outages and KPI's in various different ways.

All departments have the same data in a format that is easily exported into Microsoft Office products to allow management to fashion custom reports as required.

E-SMART Configuration

Smart data capture

E-SMART can be implemented as a stand-alone system or upgraded with a remote data capture link to the equipment. Step-by-step, and to your own timescale, you can then build on the benefits E-SMART provides to increase the value delivered by taking advantage of E-SMART remote data capture.

E-SMART has a range of expandable on-equipment connectivity options for fully automated or operator initiated data collection. From a low cost tracking system to determine position and running hours, through to our own on-board controller that can deliver the level of automated data capture to meet your business needs.


E-SMART can further automate the operation by integrating with your ERP system, for automatic generation of repair / work orders etc. E-SMART can also provide links to a data warehouse to allow clients own integration and future upgrades to internal systems.

ITS can supply the necessary integration and implementation work depending on your needs and priorities.

E-SMART remote

E-SMART can connect to mobile equipment via a multitude of wireless methods including WiFi, Narrow Band, and GPRS mobile phone networks. All of these options are in operation and not only allow site monitoring of equipment but also monitoring equipment across several sites.

E-SMART remote can provide a vast array of operationally significant data from general status and warnings, location information, through to safety related warnings and statistical analysis and KPI's for the significant data captured. Following are some of the modules.

Tracking module

E-SMART can be implemented with a tracking screen to show the location of the equipment. Within most operations tracking containers and recording their locations is a critical business process and ITS provide our high integrity tracking system G-POS for this function. However, general tracking of assets on site also provides a host of benefits to help the operation run more smoothly, and for this we can provide a low cost general tracking facility.

Telemetry module

E-SMART can also be implemented with a telemetry module to provide a live feed from the equipment. The exact nature of the data will depend on the type of equipment but common items E-SMART includes are:

General parameters:

Status warnings:

To meet the various operational requirements for the different types of equipment, various other status and general parameters can be included together with remote fault resets.

In addition to automated status and alarms E-SMART supports operator reported alarms via an E-SMART reporting screen available on the operators Radio Data Terminal (RDT).

Safety alerting module

Along with equipment status information and alerts used in maintenance and engineering E-SMART can be implemented to monitor critical safety status for items such as fire detection, emergency stop, equipment stability, and many other metrics to provide key operational safety information.

Alerting the management to these safety related events is a significant step forward in safer terminal operations. As well as the equipment operator being alerted to a potentially unsafe situation it is important that the management also know as soon as possible to allow the immediate implementation of an appropriate emergency plan or some other form of action.

For safety alarms the E-SMART system instantly alerts the management with a prominent warning icon with an optional audible warning.

Equipment shock sensing

E-SMART can also receive direct data from the Equipment Shock Sensing System. This advanced accident management feature allows incidents detected by the system to be immediately reported and shown on the E-SMART visualisation screen. Any incident is flagged and potentially damaged or unsafe equipment will not continue to operate undetected.

See the Safety datasheet in our Knowledge Base area.

Safety statistics module

E-SMART provides statistical analysis tools and can also be used to identify recurring issues that have the potential to cause future safety related events. This allows the terminal management to be proactive and stop problems before they occur.

E-SMART can trend key metrics over time to ensure the equipment is being operated safely and other issues do not exist that may contribute to unsafe operating conditions.

Equipment, operators, and other factors can be analysed against each other to provide benchmarks and be used as the basis to implement a continual improvement culture.

The analysis of the safety related statistical data captured by E-SMART can be applied to equipment stability alarms, collision detection and other such events.


Key E-SMART features:

Further information

Click here for a E-SMART datasheet, or contact us with your requirements.

Future developments

We are continually developing their systems and services. Updates and new functionality are planned for future E-SMART releases. E-SMART is highly customisable and as well as our development programme we provide custom solutions and modules to meet specific customer requirements.

Contact us for our E-SMART development roadmap.

- See more at: http://www.portautomation.com/portSystems/esmart/#sthash.GMK7dCel.dpuf

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