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Access control for plant and equipment

When an untrained operator uses plant or equipment there is an elevated risk of accident, personal injury, equipment damage, not to mention the following investigation.

Are you in a position to say you took reasonable steps to prevent this from happening?

D-MON prevents unauthorised use of plant and equipment. This could be forklift trucks, internal yard tractor units, pickup trucks, panel vans, Straddle Carriers, Rubber Tired Gantry cranes (RTGs), heavy plant or just about anything you want.

D-MON uses a local radio network to allow the central security system to communicate with the equipment on site to authorise and monitor access and use. For equipment that can move off site a standalone system can be provided with its own local database of users.

D-MON can be part of a larger access control system and can also be implemented with an existing site access control system and can use the same type of access cards if required.

D-MON not only authorises and monitors the use of the equipment but can also monitor the equipment location. Equipment condition monitoring can be provided for such things as low fuel, engine temperature high, low oil pressure, equipment involved in a collision etc.

D-MON now makes it possible to automatically detect if a vehicle has a collision, who was driving, and where it was.

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